Hello there, I’m Lee,


I live in the beautiful historic town of Abingdon in Oxfordshire, with my little family - my wife Siobain and two daughters.


I'm an Oxonian born and bred, but moved to Cornwall in 2000, where I studied furniture and interior design. Here I found a love for surfing and sea fishing. When I'm not photographing or looking after my girls, I love to explore the Oxfordshire countryside on my trusty mountain bike, and I still love to catch the odd wave when I’m back down in Cornwall.


In 2010 my wife and I went traveling for a year, visiting twelve countries and sucking in as much culture as we could get. This experience ignited a passion for photography and the need to document all the fabulous places we visited.


In 2011 I moved back to Oxford and we set up a home in Abingdon. Later that year I was asked by a friend to photograph their wedding. I accepted and loved the experience so much, I decided to make it a career. I've been photographing weddings ever since and have covered hundreds of fabulous weddings both in the UK and abroad.