Crown & Thistle Wedding, Emma & Jim


Crown & Thistle Wedding, Emma & Jim

Last month saw me in my home town of Abingdon for a Crown and Thistle wedding with the fabulous Emma and Jim.  

The Crown and Thistle is a beautifully restored pub/Hotel dating back to 1605.  A former coaching inn with grade II listing, It really is a stunning venue to get married.

You may remember Emma & Jim from a previous post, where we met up before the wedding in Oxford city center to take some engagement photos.  You can see that post Here.

Emma and the girls got ready at Emma’s parents while Jim and best women got ready in one of The Crown And Thistles stunning rooms.

The ceremony was held at St Mary’s church in Kidlington.

A break in the rain after the ceremony allowed us to take some group photos and then it was back to The Crown and Thistle for the reception. 

It really was a great day.  The rain certainly didn’t put a downer on things.

I’d like to say a big congratulations to Emma and Jim and I wish them all the best for the future…:)

Also a big thank you to Sharmaine Sepehr for second shooting..;)

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