Eynsham Hall Wedding, Sally & James

 Eynsham Hall Wedding, Sally & James

A couple of months back I heading into the Oxfordshire countryside to meet up with Sally and James for their Eynsham hall wedding.

A little exited as i’d not worked at Eynsham hall before and knew it was a fabulous place to get married.   Coupled with how lovely Sally and James are, I knew it was going to be a good day at the office.

I first met Sally and James at the Greyhound pub in Besselsleigh after I was recommended by Sally’s Nephew Neil, whose wedding i’d photographed earlier that year.

As we chatting about the wedding they were planning at Eynsham hall, I was quietly praying they would like what I do and book my services.  It sounded so lovely and thankfully we got on like a house on fire and they booked.

Fast forward to a clear day in June and i’m driving up the long sweeping drive towards Eynsham hall.  It reminds me a little of a mini Blenheim palace, it really is a stunning venue.

The bridal preparations were taking place in the fabulous Peacock room.  I’m assuming the room is named after the giant Peacocks that decorate the walls  ……no flies on me huh

It was a very relaxed atmosphere which slowly built as the morning passed.  I love this time of the day, its always a very creative part for me and I love seeing the process,  hair, make up and finally the dress put on.  

The ceremony room at the hall is so opulent with all its ornate architectural fixtures and deep red walls.  Sally walked in to a full choir singing to meet James who was patiently waiting at the front.

After a beautiful ceremony, Sally and James walked outside to be congratulated by all their guests and a bubble run.

While the children tried to catch tadpoles and frogs from the huge ornamental pond, the adults drank champaign and ate canapés.

It was then time for the wedding breakfast and speeches in another of the halls beautiful rooms.

After some cake cutting it was time to dance the night away.

I had so much fun capturing all the great moments during this wedding.

It really was an amazing day.  Smashing people and great weather. The perfect day.

If you enjoyed looking at these photos and are planning a wedding, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop me a message Here.

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