Hungerford Engagement Shoot, Kerry & Peter

Hungerford Engagement Shoot

 Hungerford Engagement Shoot

A few weeks back I met up with Kerry and Peter for a Hungerford engagement shoot.  With the interesting weather we have been having in the UK it was hit and miss whether we were going to be able to do the shoot.   I got in touch with Peter a few hours before we were due to meet up having just studied the forecast on Dark skies to see if they wanted to reschedule.  Peter was optimistic and a bit of a weather expert so said it will be fine.  I had my doubts, especially as I sat in the car waiting to meet them with the rain smashing against the roof of the car.  A few minutes before I met Peter and Kerry the rain stopped and it brightened up.  What do you know..:)

We had agreed to do a venue scout as well as have a wonder as I wasn’t familiar with either the ceremony or reception locations.  The wedding ceremony is to be held at Hungerford town hall.   A lovely place full of character features and a town hall you would expect in a much bigger town or city.

After a wonder around Hungerford we headed off to the second location.  A beautiful barn up on the ridgeway and the venue for the reception.  Not a regular wedding venue and normally only used for private use, so a little unique.

Sat in stunning countryside it really is a great spot.  The wedding promises to be fab and i’m pretty excited!

As the black skies started to again roll in we called it a day…..I guess we lucked out on the weather, lets hope its nice for the wedding. 

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