Oxford baby photographer, Our beautiful daughter Aoife Lily


Oxford baby photographer, Our beautiful daughter Aoife Lily

Being an Oxford baby photographer I get to photograph plenty of super cute babies.  This post is unusual in that on this occasion the baby is my own..:)  Aoife Lily was born at the John Radcliffe hospital on Thursday 26th February at 23.48.  I have always thought babies and children were awesome, but nothing really prepares you for the moment your own child comes into the world and you hold them for the very first time.  Wow what a feeling that is!  My heart was swelling inside my chest with love and I knew there and then that I would do anything for the little girl I had in my arms.

You are told when you have a child your life will change…..that is an understatement if ever I heard one.  This little girl demands attention!  Its certainly a challenge, but a good one for sure.  Seeing her develop before my eyes is so cool.  

I have managed to take a few pictures between the bouts of cluster feeds and nappy changes.  Hope you like them!  Aoife would be pleased…:)

SONY DSC SONY DSC Aoife two weeks old-1001 Aoife two weeks old-1007 Aoife two weeks old-1012 Aoife two weeks old-1014 Aoife two weeks old-1022 Aoife two weeks old-1026 Aoife two weeks old-1027 Aoife two weeks old-1028 Aoife two weeks old-1035