Oxford couple shoot, Irina & Marcus

Today saw me doing another Oxford couple shoot with the lovely Irina and Marcus.  Irina is a professional model and TV presenter from Germany and Marcus works on rockets….no really, he does.  They have recently relocated to Oxford with their little boy.  Those that know Oxford will be aware that there is a long history of rowing along the Thames and the fierce competition between Oxford and Cambridge with the boat race that happens every year in London.  This part of the river is a great location for a photoshoot because of all the unusual buildings used to store the rowing boats.  These serve as awesome backdrops as they all seem to be of a different style.  Anyway enough waffle, I hope you like the photos as much as these guys did.  It was so much fun working with Irina and Marcus, and I think its clear to see how much love they share.

Irina & Marcus-007 Irina & Marcus-009 Irina & Marcus-016 Irina & Marcus-018 Irina & Marcus-019 Irina & Marcus-029 Irina & Marcus-030 Irina & Marcus-044 Irina & Marcus-050 Irina & Marcus-066 Irina & Marcus-067 Irina & Marcus-077 Irina & Marcus-088 Irina & Marcus-089 Irina & Marcus-091 Irina & Marcus-098 Irina & Marcus-107 Irina & Marcus-116 Irina & Marcus-120 Irina & Marcus-128 Irina & Marcus-130 Irina & Marcus-138 Irina & Marcus-139 Irina & Marcus-141 Irina & Marcus-145 Irina & Marcus-187