Oxford wedding photographer, The Crown & Thistle + The Swan Wedding

2016-09-05_0001 Oxford wedding photographer, The Crown & Thistle + The Swan Wedding

Being an Oxford wedding photographer allows me lots of beautiful wedding venues on my doorstep.  Last month I was at The Crown & Thistle Hotel for a wedding with the lovely Alison & Steve.  You may remember them from a previous post where we met up in Abingdon for their engagement shoot.  You can see that post Here.

The Crown and Thistle is a grade II listed coaching inn dating back to 1605.  A cobbled courtyard framed by 200 year old wisteria, it really is the perfect backdrop to host your special day.

From the first meeting I had with Alison and Steve, I knew I was going to really enjoy working with them.  Sometimes you just click with people and their wedding really sounded like a fun one.

The weather on the morning was rain but promised to brighten up later in the afternoon.  

The Day started with Alison, her flower girl and their two boys getting ready at The Crown and Thistle.  Steve and the guys got ready at the couples home in Abingdon whilst also having to pop over to The Swan to add the finishing touches to the decor.

Between administering Calpol and defusing mini meltdowns as the excitement reached boiling point, Alison managed to finish getting ready and we managed to get some lovely bridal portraits.  

The Ceremony was held in “The Barn”, a beautiful old barn full of rustic charm and decorated with fairy lights.  Most wedding ceremonies are emotional and I am always moved by them.  I normally photograph them with a smile on my face.  Alison & Steve’s was a little different.  It was emotional, but best of all, it was a a riot.  See when you have two little boys and a bunch of other toddlers hell bent on tearing around during the ceremony.  You know it’s not going to be uptight.  It was awesome and I’d love all wedding ceremonies to be like this one.

The Reception took place in The Swan Food House.  A very charming little pub sat on the green at Sutton Courtenay.  One of the main strengths of the Swan is its food, the clue is in the name.  Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, the owner and chef there is a genius.  Another great thing about this lovely little pub is the huge garden.  Easily big enough to take the oversize scout tent, used to host the reception.

Whilst the little ones were enjoying a children’s entertainer, Alison, Steve and myself slipped off to do some portraits in the woods nearby.

I really do love a good wedding and this one was fab.  From the lovely venues, to the fabulous people, it really was the perfect day and I am so proud to have been chosen to capture it all.

A big congratulations to Alison & Steve..:)
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