Port Meadow Engagement shoot, Anna & Dom

Anna & Dom - Oxford-1002

Port Meadow Engagement shoot, Anna & Dom

I recently met up with Anna and Dom for their Port Meadow engagement shoot.

I met Anna and Dom at the Perch pub off Binsey Lane which is their reception venue, so it was a good chance to have a look around before heading out the back onto Port Meadow.

A blistering hot day with scantily clad sun worshippers as far as the eye could see.  So it was key we looked for some quiet spots, which considering the size of Port Meadow, wasn’t too difficult.

It had been a while since i’d spoken to Anna and Dom, so it was nice to catch up and see how the wedding planning was coming along.

I go to great lengths in the way I work to make people as relaxed as possible while I take their photos. This wasn’t a hard task with Anna and Dom.  They were so relaxed with each other and it almost felt like I wasn’t there at times.

After a while we decided to leave the meadow and its butlins holiday camp vibe and head into Jericho to look for something a little more urban.

I really enjoyed Anna and Doms company and I can’t wait to meet up with them again soon for their wedding.

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