Rustic Merriscourt Wedding, Roberta & Stefan

Rustic Merriscourt Wedding, Roberta & Stefan

Back in June I was in the Cotswolds for a fabulous rustic Merriscourt wedding with Roberta and Stefan.

I’ve not worked at Merriscourt before so it was lovely to finally get the chance to shoot a wedding there.

This was a wedding that came in very late and Roberta and Stefan only booked me a month or two before the date they were due to tie the knot.

I met them in late spring on a rainy day in a lovely little pub in Godstow.  We chatted about the wedding they were planning and it sounded like a corker.  So when they said they wanted to book before we parted, I was more than pleased.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding and i’m driving through stunning cotswolds countryside on my way to Merriscourt.  The weather is super hot, without a cloud in the sky.

This was an amazing wedding to be involved in.  It had everything, laughter, tears and a super bunch of people who were well up for celebrating this amazing couples marriage. 

I love my job and weddings like this just make me love it even more!

If you enjoyed looking at these photos and are planning a wedding, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop me a message Here.


  1. by David Weightman on August 9, 2018  2:57 pm Reply

    That looks like a properly fun day to be part of. Love the iPad shot on the dance floor!

  2. by Dominic on August 9, 2018  5:20 pm Reply

    Great looking wedding here, lots of happy smiles and laughter captured.

  3. by David Bostock on August 12, 2018  2:59 pm Reply

    Lots of really great and natural images here can I feel the love and the vibe!

  4. by Maria Assia on August 17, 2018  6:53 am Reply

    Really good. That shot of the dads with the kids on the dancefloor is a awesome.

  5. by Dominic on August 17, 2018  11:07 am Reply

    Lovely shots Lee - looks like a really happy day. Roberta & Stefan must be over the moon with these :-)

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