Shoreditch Engagement Shoot, Raquel & Alvaro

Al & Rachel shoot-1002

Shoreditch Engagement Shoot, Rachel &

On Sunday I headed to London for a Shoreditch engagement shoot with Raquel and Alvaro.  Shoreditch is one of my favourite places to take couples for their couple shoots.  It has such an amazing atmosphere and some of the best graffiti in the UK.  I always ask people where they would like to do their photographs as I like it to be their choice and usually the places they choose fit them and they feel more at ease.  Raquel and Alvaro are street dancers so Shoreditch seemed to be a perfect match for them.  I love doing engagement shoots as we always have so much fun but nothing prepared me for how amazing Raquel and Alvaro were at dancing.  They are such an interesting couple and you can see the love in how they are with each other.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these awesome guys…..:)

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